Retro Review: On The Trail Of The Fedora-Killer In “The Bat”


The Bat is a mediocre mystery from 1959 whose only apparent points of interest are a) the masked title character and b) Vincent Price in a supporting role. A staple of the public domain ghetto, it is easily located online or on budget DVDs, in a drab, unloved print.

That said, what fascinated me enough about this film to warrant two viewings and a half-dozen or more paragraphs? Read on…

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The Vincent Price Movie That Never Existed

Fifties Movies Of Vincent Price (1).jpg

So the other day I was reading through this old review guide to horror & sci-fi movies, and I found an intriguing entry. Called “The Aries Computer,” it was from the early 1970s and starred Vincent Price. Now, I thought I had heard of every Vincent Price movieā€”but not this one.

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