My Expanded Thoughts On The Channel Awesome Controversy


OK, I’ve had a couple of days to absorb the full brouhaha surrounding the “Not So Awesome” document—a nearly 70-page whistleblowing document on the business practices of Channel Awesome penned by around 20 of their former contributors & employees—and I just want to get down a few final thoughts on the matter before I stick a pin in this and move on to other schadenfreudey stuff.

For those who don’t know, Channel Awesome is a website and YouTube channel that hosts/features a number of video review critics—of whom, Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker) is the most prominent. Originally seen as a sort of collective, it has been plagued with a number of contributor exoduses (exodi, if you will) over the years, and rumblings of various alleged malfeasances.

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YouTube’s Channel Awesome Rocked By “Not So Awesome” Document

The Nostalgia Critic

Good Lord! The Geekosphere is like in this constant state of drama. As soon as one drama ebbs, another flows in. (I have a theory about why this is all especially happening now, which I will espouse in time).

I’ve been following the movie review show Nostalgia Critic—hosted by Doug Walker—since 2014 (it’s been around for about a decade now). It is the “anchor” series for a whole channel of related shows on YouTube, called Channel Awesome. Over the years, a number of really interesting pop-culture review shows have been hosted/featured on Channel Awesome—and the different reviewers formed a vibrant community. Everyone even collaborated in “all-star” movies celebrating the anniversary of the channel.

It was, as they say, one big happy family.

Only, according to this 69-page Google document written by 20 (twenty) ex-contributors & employees of Channel Awesome—called, “Not So Awesome”—it was not one big happy family.

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