My Belated Review Of The 2016 Ghostbusters Movie


Picture it: 2016. I have just purchased my ticket for the mostly female Ghostbusters reboot movie at Brooklyn’s Pavilion. When I get to the (very tiny) theatre proper, it is literally plastered with trash and filled with broken seats. Unbeknownst to me, the Pavilion was on its last legs (and would eventually become the newly-renovated Nitehawk).

The situation is so bad I have to go get my money back…Ghostbusters unseen.

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Review: Nightworld

nightworld (3).jpg

I feel I need to start this review explaining why I chose to review this film and not Mute when both are on Netflix and the latter is more well-known and would probably bring me more clicks.

Recently, I tried to watch about 15 minutes of Mute and had come to the conclusion that I would have to be paid to continue watching it to write a review. That is when I decided to watch a lesser known, smaller budgeted 2017 horror film called Nightworld starring Robert Englund and Jason London of Dazed And Confused fame.

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Movie Review: Dismissed


Hey, I know: it’s time for a movie about a psychotic murderous high-school student who ruins the lives of everyone around him in a burst of explosive rage!

Dismissed is an indie film whose biggest notable point is that it’s apparently the de facto demo reel for Dylan Sprouse’s post-The Suite Life career. Sprouse—who is the identical twin of Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse—plays Lucas Ward, a psychopathic teenager who decides to give his teacher hell after receiving a B+ from him instead of an A.

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Review: The Ritual


It’s been hit or miss for me, regarding Netflix originals as of late; so I approached their new horror movie about backpackers in the woods, The Ritual, with some skepticism. Would it really bring on the scares, or feel more like a TV movie?

I was not disappointed. The Ritual is pants-shittingly scary, beautifully shot, and with an intelligent script. It’s in the tradition of flicks like The Blair Witch Project (which certain aspects strongly remind me of), Deliverance…and let’s toss in a smidgen of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, just for extra flavor.

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