The 3 Types Of Bad Movies


“I believe if you come out of a movie and the first thing you say is, ‘The cinematography was beautiful,’ it’s a bad movie.”
–John Waters

Since I’ve analyzed a number of cheesy movies on this blog before, I thought I’d take a step back and discuss the different types of bad films. Not all films that are bad are bad in the same way. Some bad films are actually quite enjoyable. Some are bad because they are unsettlingly awful in a way that you can’t take your eyes off of—but definitely not enjoyable.

And some are just bad—bad, bad, bad, boring. Bad.

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The Karmic Ferris Bueller


Cameron: We’re pinched for sure.
Ferris: No way, Cameron. Only the meek get pinched. The bold survive. Let’s go.
Cameron: Let’s surrender.
Ferris: Never.
–“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

You’ve probably heard of the “Fight Club” fan theory regarding the 1986 John Hughes comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, in which brilliant and charming Ferris and sad-sack hypochondriac Cameron are the same person; Ferris is Cameron’s “imaginary friend” if you will, or alter-ego; everything Cameron wishes he could be.

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