Friends: The Russ Ross Paradox


One of the most scary things I’ve ever seen was not in a horror movie, but in the TV series Friends. It was a literal doppelgänger of the character Ross—called Russ. Russ looked…similar to Ross. But had subtle differences.

These great similarities yet subtle differences deeply creeped me out about Russ. To the point that whenever I even look of a picture of Russ, I shudder as if gazing upon some sort of Lovecraftian demon from the bowels of Hell. Had I encountered the Russ/Ross paradox as a small child, I know I would have studiously avoided watching Friends at all in an attempt to never encounter this creature again.

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What Is The “Multicamera Comedy” And Why Is It Dying?

“The Odd Couple,” shot on multicam

With the recent cancellations of 2 Broke Girls, Dr. Ken, and Last Man Standing (and perhaps The Odd Couple as well if we take Matthew Perry’s word for itwe just might be seeing the death of the multicamera comedy in favor what is increasingly becoming the industry standard: the single-camera comedy.

But what exactly is a multicamera comedy? It sounds like it has more cameras than merely a single-camera comedy, so isn’t it better? I’m a big TV sitcom nerd, so you’re going to hear me briefly pontificate on this topic. Get ready.

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