My Life As A Hypersigil, Part One; The Val D’Orazio Story


The hypersigil is a sigil extended through the fourth dimension. My own comic book series The Invisibles was a six-year long sigil in the form of an occult adventure story which consumed and recreated my life during the period of its composition and execution. The hypersigil is an immensely powerful and sometimes dangerous method for actually altering reality in accordance with intent. Results can be remarkable and shocking.
–Grant Morrison, “POP MAGIC!”

I used to be a comic book character…and I don’t think I’ve ever fully explained that to you before.

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Comic Book Case Study: Follow Up Thoughts

Photo Jun 18, 2 04 03 PM

I think that my previous post on Inferior 5 and why that book didn’t work—and why I don’t see the traditional delivery system/format/pricing for comic books working either—solidified a lot of stuff I have been observing and thinking about for at least 10-15 (heck, 20?) years now. And I feel I need to add some follow-up thoughts to the entire thing.

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