Napoleon Dynamite #1 Review

jul190751__18451.1565887641.jpgOk, so the original Napoleon Dynamite movie came out in 2004…yes, fifteen years ago (feel old yet?)! It featured an awkward, socially maladjusted teenager and his awkward, socially maladjusted friends and was very very popular. A bajillion products and tie-ins and parodies were spawned from the instant sleeper classic…and then it went away.

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Comic Review: Coffin Bound #1

The opening panels of Image’s Coffin Bound #1, with its dilapidated creepy shack in the middle of nowhere, gives one instant Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes. Is the woman we see slowly waking up in the middle of bones, doll parts, and detritus a victim of some sort of horrible Ed Gein-type nightmare?

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Conspiracy Comix Review: Nobody Is In Control & Descendent


As much as mainstream social media platforms would like to wipe conspiracy narratives off the face of the planet, they still remain—for, in fact, as long as I can remember—heady grist for the comic book mill. You will no doubt not be surprised that this is still the case in 2019, if not on steroids.

We see these types of plots not only in numerous comics from the Big Two (Doomsday Clock pretty much has so many it trips over itself), but from the smaller pubs. And perhaps the only difference is that the smaller pubs, basically, name names.

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