Comic Book Babylon

Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” and its subsequent spawn contained several nods to “Hollywood Babylon” and its lurid tales of “Old Hollywood”

As a child of about 8 or 9 years old, one of my favorite books from the library was Kenneth Anger’s classic “Hollywood Babylon.” Anger, a former child-star-turned-occultist-filmmaker, retold a number of grand lurid rumors floating around Tinsel Town since the dawn of cinema. And how else was a precocious Eighties kid to find out about Fatty Arbuckle?

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Tim Drake, Fanboy: Looking Back At “Batman: A Lonely Place Of Dying”

And Tim was less annoying than Jason Todd *how* exactly?

Some of the last comic books I collected before my “Vertigo”/indie period (a.k.a. “mainstream comics suck” phase) was the “A Lonely Place Of Dying” arc that ran through Batman and New Titans in 1989. This was the storyline that re-introduced Robin to the DC universe, in the form of bristle-haired Tim Drake.

And I heartily apologize to all Tim Drake fans when I say: he is absolutely dreadful in this arc. In fact, he out-Wesleys Wesley Crusher.

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