Kevin Spacey Cites Bad Memory, Drinking Alcohol, Being Gay And Other Excuses In Response To Anthony Rapp


It was like a scene out of Kevin Spacey’s hit show House Of Cards. In response to Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp’s recent claim that the older actor had made sexual advances on him when Rapp was only 14 years old, Spacey posted a self-serving “apology” on Twitter—and tried to change the official media narrative to a heartwarming story about “coming out.”

And the media initially fell for it! No wonder Frank Underwood is president.

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Kevin Spacey Accused Of Sexual Advances To A Minor By Actor Anthony Rapp


We were wondering when the dams would break in Hollywood concerning pedophilia—and now it’s happened.

Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp has publicly called out two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey for making sexual advances towards him when he was only 14 years old.

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“Too Funny To Fail” OR How To Kill A Series With One Sketch


Sometimes it’s just as instructive to study fabulous failures as it is to study successes. Case in point Too Funny To Fail, the interesting new documentary on Hulu about Saturday Night Live alum Dana Carvey’s short-lived sketch comedy series on ABC.

It was the mid-1990s, and Carvey had just come off a successful long run on SNL as well as the Wayne’s World movies. He received a sweet deal from ABC with carte blanche to make his own sketch show—basically, his own version of SNL (at least…that’s what ABC was expecting!)

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Some Thoughts About Corey Feldman


Following the announcement of former child actor Corey Feldman’s fundraising campaign to possibly make a movie about Corey Haim and possibly expose child abuse in the entertainment industry, a flood of thinkpieces and stinkpieces have appeared criticizing him.

Among those on the anti-Feldman bandwagon is his late buddy Haim’s mom, who basically calls him a charlatan and casts doubt on the scope of pedophilia in Hollywood.

So here is what I think–

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Dark Blood: The Last Testament Of River Phoenix


River Phoenix died on Halloween night, 1993, He was 23 years old, and had just three weeks of interior shots left on what would be his last film, Dark Blood.

Dark Blood is about a disaffected young man named “Boy” who lives by himself in a survivalist bunker in the desert, surrounded by weapons and assorted “voodoo”/occult items. In his last role as Boy, was Phoenix basically “replaying” a version of his own strange childhood? And is Boy the person he could have grown up to be, had Hollywood not entered the picture?

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Kathy Griffin Has Officially Run Out of F**ks To Give


I wasn’t 100% “down” with her “bloody Donald Trump head” photo earlier this year, but I don’t think it should mean the end of Kathy Griffin’s career…let alone, be something the government bothers themselves with investigating…let alone, be reason for her to get doxxed and her dying sister to receive death threats for.

Let alone, she shouldn’t have to be putting out a “if something happens to me, this is my final testament” YouTube video; but Griffin did just that, calling out such peeps as her former boss Andy Cohen, Harvey Levin from TMZ, and old favorite Lisa Bloom.

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“Feminist” Lawyer Lisa Bloom Was Ready To “Slut Shame” Rose McGowan To Protect Harvey Weinstein


Lisa Bloom is a high-profile attorney known for taking on cases of feminist importance—seemingly following in the footsteps of her mother, famous attorney Gloria Allred. But according to this Daily Beast report, she had proactively contacted journalist Ronan Farrow earlier this year on behalf of her client Harvey Weinstein…offering “dirt” about actress Rose McGowan’s past.

Farrow was developing an expose for NBC regarding accusations against Weinstein at the time (that was later spiked by the network), and Bloom had phoned him regarding one of his planned interviewees, McGowan.

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