The Great Big Mouth/BoJack Horseman Nick Kroll/Will Arnett Conspiracy Theory.

I’ve been sitting on this one ever since I watched all of the new Netflix animated series Big Mouth several days ago—and now I feel like I’ve been ENLIGHTENED as to all the secrets of the Universe!

Because I believe that Big Mouth is really Nick Kroll’s revenge on his former girlfriend Amy Poelher’s ex-husband Will Arnett. Let me explain.

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Pickle Rick, Interrupted


I have finally seen the much hyped “Pickle Rick” episode of Rick & Morty. In it, Rick turns himself into a pickle (non-anthropomorphic except for his face) in order to get out of going to therapy with his daughter and the kids. He finds himself swept down a drain, using his mouth to tear neural tissue from live rats and build himself an exoskeleton, fighting a vaguely Eastern European crime syndicate thingie, and then back to the hated therapy he was trying to avoid.

There are a lot of strong emotional beats in “Pickle Rick.” I would even say there are moments of genius. But the episode—the third one of Season Three—marked a turning point for me in terms of the series as a whole. And it wasn’t a particularly good one. Let me explain.

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Who Was The Better Hunter S. Thompson: Johnny Depp Or Bill Murray?

It’s late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s birthday, and a question popped into my head: who portrayed him better on film, Johnny Depp or Bill Murray?

Depp, of course, starred as Thompson in Terry Gilliam’s surreal 1998 adaptation of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Murray headlined the less well-known but still really good HST flick Where The Buffalo Roam in 1980.

I feel that to determine who did the Thompson role best really comes down to an assessment of how the acting styles of Depp and Murray differ.

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When You Grow Out Of Your Favorite TV Series

I wanted to address a phenomenon I’ve noticed with myself & that perhaps some of you have experienced as well. There are some favorite TV shows that “age well” for me, and that I can pick up again at any time—and then there are others that “had their shot” but now time has passed and I can’t get into them anymore.

Case in point Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Love-love-loved this show when it was first-run, was totally obsessed with it. Bought all this BTVS merch, read the fan-fiction, kept Buffy-themed wallpaper on my computer screen, etc. Never missed an episode, went into withdrawals between seasons.

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