Proto-Troll: The Max Headroom Incident


“I made a giant masterpiece for all the greatest world newspaper nerds.”
—Unknown broadcast hijacker

Picture it: You’re watching Doctor Who on the TV set (just minding your own business). Suddenly, static crackles across your screen. Then your television program is replaced with a weird figure in a mask who speaks in an eerie, tinny voice. It’s…Max Headroom?!

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Steamed Hams: The Beautiful Lies Of Seymour Skinner


“My real name is… Armin Tamzarian!”
–Seymour/Armin, “The Principal And The Pauper”

A number of fans point to the 1997 Simpsons episode “The Principal And The Pauper” as the start of the end of the “real” Simpsons—basically, when the long-running animated sitcom “jumped the shark.” In the episode, it is shockingly revealed that Principal Seymour Skinner (one of the key Simpsons supporting characters) was not who he said he was…he was, in fact, an impostor.

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