The First Infinity War: 3 Dev Adam (a.k.a. “Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man”)


Way before the era of the Internet…back when DVDs had barely broken through the market, and Marvel Studios was just the faintest glimmer in the eye…there was a legend. A legend of a movie that had not just Captain America in it, but Spider-Man. And Mexican wrestler-hero Santo. All in the same movie. 

How was this possible? How did Marvel sign off on this?

Of course they didn’t sign off on this, silly—this was a completely unauthorized Turkish movie called 3 Dev Adam (“3 Giant Heroes”).

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In Glorious Black And White: Monochromatic Modern Films


The news that James Mangold’s Logan would have special screenings in black-and-white on May 16th brought to my mind many movies of the “modern” era which have purposely chosen to go that route from conception.

Surely, it would have been a hard sell for the Logan filmmakers to pitch a B&W superhero movie from the get-go. With such an emphasis on “event” movies—movies presented in 3D, on gigantic screens, etc.—a black-and-white film might feel too “small.” But there are a number of cult films that possibly wouldn’t have had half the impact if they were shot in color.

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