Retro Review: On The Trail Of The Fedora-Killer In “The Bat”


The Bat is a mediocre mystery from 1959 whose only apparent points of interest are a) the masked title character and b) Vincent Price in a supporting role. A staple of the public domain ghetto, it is easily located online or on budget DVDs, in a drab, unloved print.

That said, what fascinated me enough about this film to warrant two viewings and a half-dozen or more paragraphs? Read on…

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The 3 Types Of Bad Movies


“I believe if you come out of a movie and the first thing you say is, ‘The cinematography was beautiful,’ it’s a bad movie.”
–John Waters

Since I’ve analyzed a number of cheesy movies on this blog before, I thought I’d take a step back and discuss the different types of bad films. Not all films that are bad are bad in the same way. Some bad films are actually quite enjoyable. Some are bad because they are unsettlingly awful in a way that you can’t take your eyes off of—but definitely not enjoyable.

And some are just bad—bad, bad, bad, boring. Bad.

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Napoleon Dynamite #1 Review

jul190751__18451.1565887641.jpgOk, so the original Napoleon Dynamite movie came out in 2004…yes, fifteen years ago (feel old yet?)! It featured an awkward, socially maladjusted teenager and his awkward, socially maladjusted friends and was very very popular. A bajillion products and tie-ins and parodies were spawned from the instant sleeper classic…and then it went away.

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The Vincent Price Movie That Never Existed

Fifties Movies Of Vincent Price (1).jpg

So the other day I was reading through this old review guide to horror & sci-fi movies, and I found an intriguing entry. Called “The Aries Computer,” it was from the early 1970s and starred Vincent Price. Now, I thought I had heard of every Vincent Price movie—but not this one.

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The First Infinity War: 3 Dev Adam (a.k.a. “Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man”)


Way before the era of the Internet…back when DVDs had barely broken through the market, and Marvel Studios was just the faintest glimmer in the eye…there was a legend. A legend of a movie that had not just Captain America in it, but Spider-Man. And Mexican wrestler-hero Santo. All in the same movie. 

How was this possible? How did Marvel sign off on this?

Of course they didn’t sign off on this, silly—this was a completely unauthorized Turkish movie called 3 Dev Adam (“3 Giant Heroes”).

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What Is “The Day The Clown Cried” And When Will It Be Released?


This past Sunday, Hollywood lost a comedic legend: Jerry Lewis. The star of The Nutty Professor and The King Of Comedy, Lewis was a film/TV/radio/stage actor, screenwriter, director, producer—and, in his extensive work for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, a humanitarian.

But throughout the condolences and tributes that poured in over social media for Lewis, a small contingent of cult movie fans couldn’t help but wonder aloud: will this mean The Day The Clown Cried will finally be released?

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Who Was The Better Hunter S. Thompson: Johnny Depp Or Bill Murray?

It’s late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s birthday, and a question popped into my head: who portrayed him better on film, Johnny Depp or Bill Murray?

Depp, of course, starred as Thompson in Terry Gilliam’s surreal 1998 adaptation of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Murray headlined the less well-known but still really good HST flick Where The Buffalo Roam in 1980.

I feel that to determine who did the Thompson role best really comes down to an assessment of how the acting styles of Depp and Murray differ.

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