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What Is “The Day The Clown Cried” And When Will It Be Released?

About one of the most famous unreleased films of all time. Continue reading

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“Slasher Things” Video: A “Stranger Things” vs. 80s Horror Mashup

The Netflix series fits right into a montage of 80’s horror movies. Continue reading

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Richard Stanley May Finally Get A Chance To Do His “Island Of Dr. Moreau”

Richard Stanley, the original director of the ’96 film The Island Of Dr. Moreau, may finally get another chance at the film. Continue reading

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Who Was The Better Hunter S. Thompson: Johnny Depp Or Bill Murray?

Two actors, one role: who did it better? Continue reading

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In Glorious Black And White: Monochromatic Modern Films

The news that “Logan” would have special screenings in black-and-white brought to my mind many movies of the “modern” era which have purposely chosen to go that route. Continue reading

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Review: Netflix’s Mystery Science Theater 3000

Keeping with Netflix’s tradition of bringing cancelled/hibernating TV shows back to life, we have the new Mystery Science Theater 3000. Continue reading

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