My Belated Review Of The 2016 Ghostbusters Movie


Picture it: 2016. I have just purchased my ticket for the mostly female Ghostbusters reboot movie at Brooklyn’s Pavilion. When I get to the (very tiny) theatre proper, it is literally plastered with trash and filled with broken seats. Unbeknownst to me, the Pavilion was on its last legs (and would eventually become the newly-renovated Nitehawk).

The situation is so bad I have to go get my money back…Ghostbusters unseen.

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Napoleon Dynamite #1 Review

jul190751__18451.1565887641.jpgOk, so the original Napoleon Dynamite movie came out in 2004…yes, fifteen years ago (feel old yet?)! It featured an awkward, socially maladjusted teenager and his awkward, socially maladjusted friends and was very very popular. A bajillion products and tie-ins and parodies were spawned from the instant sleeper classic…and then it went away.

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The Vincent Price Movie That Never Existed

Fifties Movies Of Vincent Price (1).jpg

So the other day I was reading through this old review guide to horror & sci-fi movies, and I found an intriguing entry. Called “The Aries Computer,” it was from the early 1970s and starred Vincent Price. Now, I thought I had heard of every Vincent Price movie—but not this one.

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Tim Drake, Fanboy: Looking Back At “Batman: A Lonely Place Of Dying”

And Tim was less annoying than Jason Todd *how* exactly?

Some of the last comic books I collected before my “Vertigo”/indie period (a.k.a. “mainstream comics suck” phase) was the “A Lonely Place Of Dying” arc that ran through Batman and New Titans in 1989. This was the storyline that re-introduced Robin to the DC universe, in the form of bristle-haired Tim Drake.

And I heartily apologize to all Tim Drake fans when I say: he is absolutely dreadful in this arc. In fact, he out-Wesleys Wesley Crusher.

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Comic Review: Coffin Bound #1

The opening panels of Image’s Coffin Bound #1, with its dilapidated creepy shack in the middle of nowhere, gives one instant Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes. Is the woman we see slowly waking up in the middle of bones, doll parts, and detritus a victim of some sort of horrible Ed Gein-type nightmare?

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