The Cult Of 47

(NOTE: I first wrote & published this article in the August of 2019, and it’s being presented here in its unedited entirety with no updated content)

Many people talk about the mystic significance of the number 23…but there is far less talk about the number 47.

Let’s change that right now!

Recently, I saw two different 47’s on the same bus. Hoping that this might have been the key to lifelong fulfillment and happiness for myself, I quickly scrolled through my phone to divine its greater meaning.


First, there’s the idea that these larger numbers contain the metaphysical essence of the shorter numbers they can be broken down into. So you add all the individual numbers in the larger number together to figure that out.

To start: 4+7=11, which is already considered a number of some esoteric quality. It’s known as a Master Number & can denote (according to the lore) psychic happenings and etc.

Now, to break down 11: 1+1=2, which represents relationships, teamwork, and duality in general. So: to a numerologist, 47 would seem to intrinsically possess powerful symbolic meaning (if you believe in that stuff).

if *anybody* is going to know, it’s the Trusted Psychic Mediums (as opposed to the Distrusted Psychic Mediums)

In addition, 47 stands out in straight-up mathematics in a number of ways; ways that I admittedly don’t understand fully but you can read about here.

But let’s get to the weird stuff, shall we?

And for that, let’s visit Pomona College circa 1964, in which a Professor Donald Bentley created a “joke proof” to demonstrate that all numbers are equal to 47. Bentley created the joke proof to help teach his students about mathematic proofs in general…but, as we’ve learned on this blog, what happens when we create “joke” stuff like that???

Yep, Pomona’s students began seeing 47s everywhere.


And one of those students was Joe Menosky, who went on to be a key writer for Star Trek: The Next Generation. Menosky indoctrinated his fellow writers into the Cult of 47, resulting in the number being weaved in cameos through Next Generation and the other Star Trek TV spinoffs.

“47” makes a cameo in a “Deep Space 9” episode

J.J. Abrams, the producer of the 2009 movie Star Trek, also got indoctrinated into the Cult of 47, peppering a number of his TV shows and movies (including Fringe and Star Wars: The Force Awakens) with the number.

And no pop-culture overview of “47” would be complete without mentioning the “Hitman” video game series…with its Agent 47 (the number, per the game lore at least, representing a special “47th chromosome”).

One of the biggest fans of the Cult of 47 was hip hop collective Pro Era co-founder Capital Steez, who placed the digits in their logo as well as a number of their songs (Steez’s journey into esotericism is a fascinating read in-and-of-itself).


Steez, a believer in the “Mayan Apocalypse” 2012 date, committed suicide by jumping off a building on 12/23/12…12+23+12=47.

This all led to the official blog of The Sync Movie to examine 47, claiming that it “appears to be the quintessential random number of the universe.”

My conclusion, you would not be especially surprised to discover, is that I am far more impressed with the fact that somebody invented a “joke” that eventually had such a resonance in the wider world than I am at any combination of supposed numerological/mystical meanings.

And what have I said about making jokes???