A Meditation on Will Smith

Will Smith admitted in an interview with David Letterman (taped before the infamous Oscars Slapp) that he was told in an ayahuasca hallucination that he was about to utterly destroy his career.


Do these things really happen? Did the psychedelic experience really give Smith access to advance information regarding his career mishap?

I’m going to be the asshole and suggest that doing shit like ayahuasca, LSD, going on “trips,” all this shit…you need to have a certain level of spiritual preparation for that shit. I believe even somewhat of a relative dilettante as Tim Leary preached the importance of “set & setting” when tripping.

You have to understand…being a “blockbuster” actor like Will Smith, being fully immersed in a role, CGI’d, your image & voice endlessly replicated in movie theaters & iPhone screens & gifs & publicity images unto infinity…Smith is already in a type of “trip,” right off the bat. He’s the shaman whether he intends to be or not. He is the cultural & even spiritual mediator of a generation, of a society.

So Will Smith is already fully ensconced in a type of hyper-reality. And now he’s taking ayahuasca on top of that. And the gods (or gremlins) are basically informing him of his next big significance, of his next big step on his Journey.

And what is Will Smith’s journey? He’s going to have his career utterly destroyed now. He’s going to be systematically wiped off the “platform.” Slapping Chris Rock was worse than if Smith had drugged women for decades; why is that? It’s worse because it was real—real = televised. Real = broadcast, live. Unscripted. Inconvenient. Uncivilized. And so now Smith is the Girardian scapegoat of Hollywood. Smith is just playing another role.

The sum total life of the performer in question is the Role. A naive actor or actress may think their sum total is the IMDB list of movie & TV roles they’ve played. But no: it is the sum total of their entire life narrative.

It is my belief that the performers (including musicians, sports professionals, etc.) who are fundamentally aware of their life as being holistically one big Role are the ones who tend to more-or-less “make it out alive.”

Such persons may not even require an ayahuasca trip to gain clarity. They may be the ones who guilelessly chat with the gremlins in real time.