Update, 5/22/22

I used as my banner image a screenshot of Mike Nesmith from a (I’m guessing) mid-to-late Nineties Monkees special. Mike, bar none, is one of my favorite all-time entertainers period-dot.

The update is: I spent a good portion of my weekend individually cleaning & restoring the doll & action figure contents of my “discard” pile. I just couldn’t live with throwing them out, and my recent eBay foray convinced me that it wasn’t worth putting them up for sale (for numerous reasons, some being the jacked-up postal prices).

As for giving them away to children…children don’t want them. And I could give you a number of statistics why children don’t want them, but you would not want to really hear some of them in a casual setting. Just trust me on this, and cc Mattel & Hasbro (who probably got the memo several years ago).

And so I brushed a lot of unloved doll hair. I wiped smudges and ick off a bunch of unloved little figurines from PBS & Pokémon & McDonalds and etc. WHY take the time? Why not just chuck ‘em? (nobody wants this shit from Goodwill besides peeps like me).

Recently, I’ve travelled across the theory that plastic comes from, ultimately, organic materials. I’ve always thought of plastic as evil, as anomalous, as not as “worthy” as glass & wood & stone. But no…plastic derives, ultimately, from dead organic substances. Like plants, dinosaurs…

And *probably* humans (I mean, let’s be real)…

And so I lovingly prepared each doll, each figurine, etc., to put away for some other time. And it was a long time coming for some of these suckers.

This weekend, as I trudged to the “one stop mart,” I made a silent prayer to God (which, as we’ve learned so far, is kinda dicey) to run into some lady or chap giving away cool stuff in front of their house. I have a moratorium on buying other people’s crap for financial reasons, but I was kinda hoping…

Long story short, on a side street I rarely travel, there was someone indeed giving away toys & whatnot (including a good amount of **unused** craft supplies like stencils which was chef’s-kiss-x-1000).

When the lady saw I was picking through stuff, she went back in and brought out *this* doll: for me:

Yes, she had a little bit of baby spit-up on her jeans, but I was super-happy nonetheless. Frankly, I collect African-American dolls, and I’m not going to leave a single one behind. And if you’ve followed my “Go Ask VALIS” posts so far, you probably know specifically why.

And that, largely, was my weekend. My husband came home again from the hospital. We watched the new Chip n Dale movie. And that’s what I did.

Take care.