Go Ask VALIS, Pt. 3: The Dream Internet

I would like to make it clear at this juncture that I consider blog posts to be a woefully outdated form of communication. I am really writing this all out more for myself, because I haven’t written anything in a good long while. I’ve been mostly making art (“art”).

Back when I was in that college honors program, the Ford Colloquium, I was also making a lot of art. I was making a lot of art rather than what I was supposed to do, which was to study postmodernism. What I was supposed to do was study to be one of The Great Future Minds & Leaders of the United States. But instead, I was collaging on index cards, watching bad horror movies, and faithfully recording my dreams every morning.

And my dreams, like I mentioned before…started seeming to anticipate future events. But perhaps it was all just confirmation bias. Perhaps I was just seeing what I wanted to see.

For example, a dream journal entry in February 1994 tells of me keeping an appointment with “Mephisto.” Later that week, I had my crucial meeting with a gentleman who was going to decide about my admission to college honors program. He was wearing Mephisto brand sneakers. Was that a precognitive “hit?” Or was it just that the unusual word was placed on my “radar” as a result of the dream, and I was searching for it everywhere?

More immediately helpful for me were dreams that mentioned specific names or terms that I could research to expand my knowledge. Going back to Part One, I essentially made my “prayer” to God for confirmation of paranormal phenomena at the “altar” made of old-fashioned big clunky reference books in an old-fashioned academic library. I didn’t have the internet. We barely had the internet at my video rental store job, and me and my manager used that to look up questionable Quantum Leap fan-fiction.

Since I was a very small child, I had a deep hunger to read about esoteric topics. But the books and articles just weren’t there, I had no idea they even existed. There were the TV shows “In Search Of” & “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.” There were the headlines and sub-headlines of the sleazier supermarket tabloids. And there was Christianity.

But in the mid-1990s, I began to have “help” with my studies, receiving words in dreams that I then looked up in the handy college library.

On 1/4/94 I dreamt of a man named “Carlton,” a man who lived in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s & was known as a researcher of the bizarre & UFO’s. And the dream went into a little bit of detail regarding the type of stuff Carlton researched, which included the theory that some type of otherworldly creatures were mixed up with the origins of mankind.

Soon after, I ran into the works of a gentleman named Charles Fort (1874-1932). He was a researcher who specialized in paranormal & anomalous phenomena, including early theories that could be classified under UFOs & “aliens.”

Fort, I was to learn, was one of the most famous researchers of the bizarre who ever lived. In fact, an adjective for unexplained occurrences was created in his honor: “Fortean.”

Furthermore, I hypothesized that the dream transposed the letters in Charles Fort’s name into “Carlton”:

Thus placed on my radar via the dream, I decided to pursue a study of Mr. Charles Fort—who was like a nexus-point for countless other avenues of paranormal inquiry.

An earlier dream, in 1992, contained a very specific weird word I had never heard of before:

To my delight, when I looked “OUROBOROS” in the college reference library, it was indeed a real word:

My question is, how in the hell did such an esoteric term get into my dreams? With the correct spelling & everything? How did that happen?

And why was I seemingly dreaming about Charles Fort? How were these things getting into my head?

You see, I was literally “in school” at the time…in college, about to be admitted into this acclaimed honors program.

But I was also, apparently, in “school.”