Aliens, Crowley, Bowie: Legends Of Tomorrow’s Season 6 Premiere Had It All

So the LEGENDS OF TOMORROW season premiere certainly “went there” with the David Bowie stuff…though I guess I should have been tipped off by the episode’s title “Ground Control To Sarah Lance.”

Of course, LEGENDS usually “goes there” with historical guest stars anyhow, but I’m gonna admit that seeing the “actual” Bowie (as played by Thomas Nicholson) there…gave me a bit of the cringe. (Not Nicholson’s fault, certainly, the whole thing was just too cutesy & twee for my taste).

Far more interesting to me were the multiple Aleister Crowley references dropped by John Constantine during the episode, and how they ultimately lead back to both Bowie and the “alien” theme of the whole story. As Constantine reflects at the end: “Crowley was right, alien magick is real.”

Now as the LEGENDS writers almost certainly were aware, Bowie was a famous Crowley-head, with too many examples in his lyrics and life to cite properly here (though I do have a “the Occult Bowie” article in my vaults I might break out & dust off).

And, as the writers also most certainly were aware, mystic Crowley claimed to channel a spirit, Lam, who bears a resemblance to a certain pervasive modern-day archetype:

So in the midst of trying to locate an apparently “alien abducted” Sarah Lance, Constantine makes the connection between magick of the Crowley variety & extraterrestrials. Even more interesting: he accidentally discovers that his “acquaintance” Gary Green is an alien through tracking down a copy of Crowley’s THE BOOK OF THE LAW that Green had apparently borrowed w/o asking.

(Gary’s last name is “Green” cause he’s an alien, get it)

In the middle of this we’ve got possible alien abduction victim/super-paranoid conspiracy theorist Esperanza Cruz…which I really thought for some reason was gonna end up being Green Lantern Jessica Cruz (apparently not?), the continuation of the Sarah Lance/Ava Sharpe Ship, and Behrad smoking a lot of weed.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW continues to be a comfy friend that’s always there, full of familiar quirky characters who I seem to care about no matter how obscure they are…apparently existing in a protected bubble of the Superhero TV maelstrom.