5 Fave Film Scenes: Half-Baked


The 1998 stoner comedy Half Baked, directed by Tamra Davis, is one of my favorite comedies of all time. It is so iconically mid-to-late Nineties (you know, the Happy Place within my cranium in which I dwell at least half the time).

While ostensibly a vehicle to showcase the talents of then-burgeoning newcomer Dave Chappelle (who co-wrote the script), the entire ensemble cast—including Jim Breuer, Guillermo Díaz, Harland Williams, and Rachel True—has room to shine.

Here are my five favorite scenes from Half-Baked:

5. Flying
This fantasy sequence, in which the magical weed lends our hapless trio of protagonists flying abilities, is pretty much a love-letter to the great old-time pot movies of the past.

4. Backiotomy
Chappelle has double duty in this scene playing both our hero Thurgood and the rap star Sir Smoke-a-Lot. The latter is a histrionic hot mess, and the weed hasn’t seemed to mellow him out any. But truly, the main reason I love this scene is the word “backiotomy.” It makes me laugh so hard I pee every time.

3. Brian Quits The Record Store
I have quit jobs in the past utilizing both of the methods on display in Half Baked, and I have to say…they don’t age well. But a young goofy Jim Breuer in a tie-dye shirt can really pull it off. Bonus: when he asks Jan to be his girlfriend (also, that he doesn’t act like a dick when she politely turns him down).

2. Scarface Quits The Burger Joint
Scarface walking off the job is such a small scene…and so good. It’s just perfect. If I had to pick between this and Brian’s scene at the record shop, well I guess this is #2 so I already picked it. “You’re cool!”

1. Jon Stewart’s Cameo
I suppose it’s every middle-aged faux edgy hipster’s nightmare to end up like Jon Stewart’s cringey conspiracy-minded character in Half Baked. Thank God it never happened to me! “Red Team Go! Red Team Go!” Pay attention to Guillermo Díaz unable to keep a straight face as Stewart riffs.

Bonus: Bob Saget
I think I don’t even need to say a thing here.

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  1. Haha 🙂 one of my favourite movies as well. Such a nice energy to it, watching these scenes made me laugh like a goof ball.
    Love Jim Breuer in this.

    Some other favorite scenes for me off the top of my head –
    When the guys break into the weed room in the hospital and get mental, laughing hysterically, throwing all the packs on the floor, hitting each other with the packs… Haha, quite infectious energy 🙂
    That whole robbery scene is quite funny.

    And the other scene I remember fondly is that the guys push their packets in the club, wondering if anybody will smoke it… Turning around to see everybody levitating 🙂

    Don’t care how silly this movie is, it’s just infectious fun.


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