Goddesses And Flying Saucers: The Feminine Archetype In UFO Lore

1952 was a watershed year for UFO sightings. In April of that year a key LIFE Magazine article claimed “There Is A Case For Interplanetary Saucers”…famously, the caption was on a cover graced by the curvy form of Marilyn Monroe.


There was/is something…”elemental” about that cover, the pairing of such a primal image of femininity with this bizarre proclamation about unexplained aerial round phenomena.

Now, on September 12, 1952 a 10-foot apparition was sighted at the top of a hill by seven citizens of the town of Flatwoods, West Virginia. The figure, described as a “man-like figure with a round, red face surrounded by a pointed, hood-like shape” reportedly hissed at the group; they also recalled smelling a pungent odor that made them nauseous.


Preceding this figure was, of course, the sighting of a bright unexplained flying object.

If we look at the artist renderings of the Flatwoods Monster, what we notice is that while it was initially described as “man-like figure”…




It kinda looks like a chick.

When you think about the feminine “geometry” of the flying saucer, bringing to mind a breast and/or mandala




…and then you consider what UFO researcher Jacques Vallee called the rash of “B.V.M.” (Blessed Virgin Mary) sightings…

image description
image description

…the most famous being the Fatima apparition of 1917


and how the thing around the Flatlands Monster’s head looks like a Marian hood and/or halo…



I’ll let Vallee have the last word here:

“We are faced with a technology that transcends the physical and is capable of manipulating our reality, generating a variety of altered states of consciousness and of emotional perceptions… The B.V.M. may dress in golden robes and smile radiantly to children, but the technology which ‘she’ uses is indistinguishable from that of gods and goddesses of other tongues and garb; it is also indistinguishable from the technology surrounding the UFO phenomenon.”