Live-Action Version Of Wallace And Gromit Is The Stuff Of Nightmares


In this day and age of CGI, I’d like to think we’ve all gotten used to a certain degree of “uncanny valley” in adaptations of familiar animated characters.


To be clear: what we have here is not CGI, but sort of very…tactile…foam-type costumes approximating Wallace & Gromit as animated in clay by Nick Park. Somewhere, deep within all that rubber or silicone or whatever, are actual human eyes staring out.


Human eyes that stare out, as if to silently plead: “help me. please.”


This is no official live-action adaptation of Wallace And Gromit, however—but rather, a parody sketch running on the Lenny Henry Christmas Show from 1995 entitled “The Right Trousers” (because the original W&G short was called “The Wrong Trousers,” natch).


Parody or no, this sketch is pretty dead-on perfect in terms of mimicking the Wallace And Gromit tone and style…to the point where some have actually believed this was a “test pilot” for an actual live-action show.

But even in a world where we have The Polar Express and that Cats movie…this may be too much.