4.9.20: Greetings From New York City!


How are you doing?

I’m doing absolutely rubbish.

No actually, because I’m an introvert, I’m not at peak cabin fever psychosis yet. And I may never reach that; my inherent relief at not being forced to enter crowds is just too palpable.

But some are cracking. 


Never mind that, let’s talk about something non-controversial like Bernie dropping out of the race!


Obviously, if you want Bernie supporters to vote for Biden, being an insufferable self-righteous condescending jerk about it is the best approach.


My favorite is when a female Bernie supporter will say on Twitter that she won’t support Biden because he’s a rapist, and then all these centrist Democrats will dogpile and straight-up tell her that her duty to the country (translated as: voting for Biden) is more important than her sexual trauma.


I remember all the way back in the mid-1990s in the university, we had this world-renowned Robin Williams-type professor who was also a serial sexual harasser. I was working in the PR office at the time, and was lectured on how it was justified to keep the professor’s indiscretions a secret because it was “for the good of the college.”

At the same time that was happening, the whole Clinton/Lewinsky thing was going on big in the media. And I was also being lectured by Democrats that despite Bill Clinton’s apparent abuse of power, exploitation of a young woman, and all-around garbage sense of judgement, we had to support him anyway for “for the good of the country.”

25 years later, and what’s really changed?


Nothing. Nada. Zip.


If you haven’t read the comic book series Transmetropolitan, you should do so.

Because basically,  Transmetropolitan was a Nostradamus-level text.

In the series, a Trump-like president is being challenged by a smarmy candidate nicknamed “The Smiler.”


They are of course, two sides of the same coin. Both equally rotten.

Essentially: there is no real choice. Just more of the same in different packages.

If Joe Biden was the best the Democratic party could do—especially in the face of somebody like Trump—then people need to be fucking fired. Full stop.



Why am I writing about politics on a website called “Fantasy Merchant?”

Isn’t it obvious by now?



Anyway. Those are my thoughts on that.

I used to think that the mainstream wasn’t too bright, but that’s not really it

It’s more that they are largely creatures of primal impulses.

They are creatures of largely animal instincts, but are almost completely consciously cut-off from an acknowledgement of this fact. So they believe they are “civilized”—they stake their identities as homo-sapiens on this belief.

And they have all these high-tech toys that reinforce this sense of being superior to the other primates.

So a presidential election…well, that’s gonna be something largely driven by animal instincts and primal fealties to the tribe or herd. It just is.

And whenever you have this type of mindset, women are going to lose. And the poor are going to lose. And anything “vulnerable” is going to lose. Because it all goes back to this Darwinesque “survival of the fittest” animal mentality.

Now, we are supposed to be better than that. We’re actually supposed to be more evolved. We are actually supposed to have earned all our little toys.

We were supposed to.



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