Life Under Self-Quarantine


Hello. I know I have not been in touch for a while (though I do occasionally ping on Twitter, if that is something you are interested in). Also, to be very clear, I am not actually on self-quarantine. Rather: I have had lifelong social anxiety, so in a way I’ve always been self-quarantining.

I’m also used to working remotely. Thus, I could—if I had a deadline & just wanted to knock an assignment out—conceivably go a few days completely within the house & not even have it bother me. It would never occur to me to step outside unless somebody specifically brought it up.

the light…it burnnnnnnss…

I was like this pretty much since I was a small child. We were asked once in school what our favorite activity was. I answered (must have been like 8): “Having a sick day so I can stay home and read books.”

I used to think this was something I would outgrow as I got older.


I also thought I could “train” myself to be a lot more extroverted & outgoing.


And so at this age (you know, “35”) I’ve come to two conclusions:

  1. It IS important to make living a balanced lifestyle a priority. So as much as I tend to be an introvert and desire to stay in and read all the time, it’s vitally important to make an effort to balance that out with taking walks and meeting up with people in-person within the three-dimensional world.
  2. It is ALSO important for me to recognize that I have, at my core being, a basic introverted nature. I can move beyond that at certain times, go past my comfort zone, and so on. But this is who I AM.


That said, per the current global situation, it is likely that in the near future I will be indeed sequestered largely within my current living space. (Though apparently our favorite restaurant is allowed to sell take-out cocktails).


There are a lot of different things I could say per the COVID-19 thing. But I really have to evaluate what things I can say that are actually helpful. Or, at least, entertaining enough to be a helpful distraction.


So: I’m currently really evaluating (get it? eVALuating? huh? anybody?) what to write on this here site as I stay at home and you likely stay at home.


I’ll take requests but no guarantees!