The Mellow Purge


I have been, as of late, on a Marie Kondo-esque “does it spark joy?” purge. It’s sort of like Marie Kondo with a metaphorical anti-matter device spraying oblivion and minimalist bliss everywhere.

For example, I’ve managed to whittle away all my media—books, DVDs, albums, etc.—into one 7′ x 1 & 1/2′ bookshelf. This may sound like a perfectly reasonable, normal amount of media to have. But for a person who has been surrounded by collector/hoarding culture for most of her life—a life that has included, for a good thirty years, prodigious amounts of **free stuff**—this piddling little shelf is barely anything at all.

And yet, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve kept. Which is to say: as I look over at my shelf, I indeed feel sparked not with an immense sense of depression and missed opportunities, but actual joy. More than that, such a purging exercise also forces one to identify what things and ideas are important to one’s life Now—in the moment. It forces one to simply define better who one really is at present.

About a month ago, I had done another “purge” of sorts, by vastly decreasing the amount of social media I consumed on a daily basis. This included online news sources that were particularly “sensationalistic” and “drive-by” by nature, opting instead for longer reads on specific topics. The result was that I not only had much more focused time to do other things (like, say, actually reading a book or painting) but, perhaps even more importantly (to my mental health, at any rate), I felt less overall anger and irritation throughout my day.

Along with that sharp reduction in social media consumption came a daily “reading/viewing/listening” journal that documented what media I did consume. This was created, and is maintained, under the belief that what exactly I expose my mind to on a regular basis actually matters. That it’s not some passive thing without consequences but can actually build up like plaque over time within the crevices and gaps of my brain wrinkles.

This is all somewhat of a roundabout and highly obtuse way of saying: I have been at a loss regarding what exactly to post here on FANTASY MERCHANT, and maybe using some of my Media Journal entries as content-fodder might be helpful. Given that my tastes are very wide-ranging and eclectic—I may start off a day listening to Philip Glass and end it watching videos on horrible bootleg toy lines—perhaps it might be an at least mildly entertaining approach.