The Puppet From Interpol’s “Evil” Video Is Not Looking Too Good At The Moment…


One of my all-time favorite music videos is 2004’s “Evil” from Interpol. But Norman, the puppet from the video, has apparently fallen on hard times. And by that I mean: he was crafted from some sort of foam rubber that falls apart over time, leaving behind a hideous disintegrating shell of its former glory.

Now, you might have seen this terrifying chemical breakdown at work in the TMNT movie costume photos that had made the rounds not too long ago. But what has happened to Norman particularly hurts…because it just feel more **personal**.

I present to you, Norman Today:



You know, if you watch the actual music video, it sort of makes sense. But still.


Some quick history on Norman: he was created by artist Charlie White, who also directed the video. Before “Evil,” White was responsible for a photographic series called “Understanding Joshua” (link slightly NSFW) also featuring a creepy, strangely-realistic puppet-type creature.

just another day for Joshua

Which begs the question…if Norman is looking so rough at the moment, how’s Joshua doing?

At any rate, as you might have guessed…a Go Fund Me has been set up to help Norman. Because we apparently live in a world where the elder years of creepy humanoid puppets has to be crowdfunded.

At any rate: here’s “Evil”:

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