Apparently The “Superman Curse” Is Still On With Dean Cain’s Latest Shenanigans


Before we go into the story about how Dean Cain apparently endangered an innocent person’s life to “own the libs,” let us take a moment to breathe deeply and process what has happened to our beloved 1990s Superman:




SO! This past Wednesday, Dean Cain…tried to “out” the White House whistleblower. Why did he do this? Why was this ANY of his business WHATSOEVER???


But APPARENTLY it’s now the God-given duty of former TV fantasy  action stars like Cain and Kevin “Hercules” Sorbo to become obnoxious Trumpers (thank goodness we don’t have that type of pandering in the comic book industry…oh WAIT…).

It’s at this point, before I continue with the Cain situation, that I want to point out that a celebrity can be conservative and/or traditionally religious and NOT be a jerk. For instance, I know that Forrest Gump actor Gary Sinise is Conservative. But he—as far as I know—is not a jerk. Instead, he channels his energy into helping Veterans. He doesn’t…try to “out” a so-called whistleblower and open the man up to death threats.

Or consider the case of musician Alice Cooper. An avowed Christian, loves Jesus…not (as far as I know) a jerk.

But back to Dean Cain.

So Cain tweeted out a photo of a bunch of Obama staffers with the head of a one R. David Edelman. The captions?

“Here’s a picture of the whistleblower, see the NERD in the picture”


“meet the alleged Ukraine whistleblower.”


Was Edelman the Whistleblower?


Did Edelman still get threats of violence?


Did Cain end up deleting the tweet?


Did Cain double-down on his mistake and still act awful?


Did Kevin “Hercules” Sorbo inexplicably get involved, acting awful as well?


Next: a two-man show featuring Cain and Sorbo touring through the Red States.

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