Staff-Wielding Hippie Messiah Proposes Movie and Restaurant Franchise


Posted on YouTube with the intriguing title “Deluded Insane Hippie,” this video from the early 1990s features some vaguely messianic long haired & bearded individual proposing a movie/restaurant combo franchise based on peace, love, ecology, and tie-dyed t-shirts that can apparently absorb “love-rays” from a magical staff.

Bonus: check out the Dharma Initiative design for the “new city” of “Be Here Now.”

the actual logo for “Peace Loving Food,” per Trademarkia

Apparently, this is only a clip from a longer, full-length investor presentation that’s been circulating in the underground VHS-swap community for years. If you are interested in investing in the New City and its chain of heart-shaped vegetarian restaurants, here might be a good place to start. (Also…it goes without saying that I’d LOVE to see the full-length version of this presentation!)