The Saddest Record Ever Made


Is such a sad affair,
Coming home late
‘Cause no one’s there.
–Jeremy, “Loneliness Is Such A Sad Affair”

There are sad songs…and then there are SAD SONGS. In the latter category I’d place Loneliness Is A Such Sad Affair by the uni-named Jeremy.

There’s not a lot known about Jeremy or this album, other than it was made in 1976 on the CKI Records label and was probably a vanity pressing of some sort.

That said, you will probably never hear a more heartfelt, gravelly-voiced sad song than the title track. And once “Loneliness Is Such A Sad Affair” ends and launches right into a soul-searing cover of “All By Myself,” you might almost be in “Gloomy Sunday” territory.

As the Grantland article “That Obscure Object of Desire” points out, listening to some of these vanity press records can be a very interesting, even moving experience:

You begin to wonder who these people were, what stories they had to tell, what compelled them to share, not because they made great music but because they bothered to reach beyond the limitations of their own lives.