Robin Williams Displays Multiple Personalities In This Pre-Fame Worker Training Video

Here is a worker-training video from 1977 called “Behavior Styles” featuring a pre-Mork and Mindy Robin Williams playing every “type” of co-worker you might encounter: from super-focused Tech Guy to no-nonsense Business Guy to friendly spacey Arty Guy and etc.

It continues with him playing a couple of kooky types you might run into at Customer Service (perhaps a chance for him to wear a cowboy hat)…and ends with a very special cameo.

Williams had just won the San Francisco Stand-up Comedy Award before shooting this, and within a year he would be starting work on Mork and Mindy. It’s a brilliant showcase of his talents as he switches from one “type” to another by just using a change of clothes and completely different personas…most personas being, I’d wager, literally various aspects of Williams himself.