There Is Now Finally An Official Joker “Living Dead Doll”!


Mezco Toyz has just announced their grand-spanking new “Living Dead Dolls” Joker doll. It’s almost as if a certain movie is about to come out!

I used to collect Mezco’s “Living Dead Dolls” back in the day. They basically take the standard generic 10-inch plastic “baby doll” and turn it on its head with various horror themed creations. I realize that sounds sort of “commonplace” these days with so many similar toy lines, but Mezco kind of started the whole thing.

Among the licensed characters the Living Dead Dolls have previously adapted include such pop-culture luminaries as Pinhead, Pennywise, Michael Myers, Jack Torrance, and even Joker’s former partner Harley Quinn. So perhaps putting out the Joker himself was just the next logical step.


If this sort of thing appeals to you, you can pre-order your Joker doll now from the Mezco website for only 50 smackeroos. But you’ll have to wait until Spring of 2020 to receive your bundle of smiling joy.