The Zen Of Klaus Kinski Having A Meltdown


Sometimes when I need to sit back and relax, I pour a mug of ginger tea and listen to these videos of cult movie actor Klaus Kinski having a meltdown.

In this first video, Kinski goes supernova on a crew member on the set of his film Fitzcarraldo. I like this one because it really launches into it, allowing you to just sit cross-legged on your yoga mat and enjoy the rhythm of Kinski’s rantings. The relaxing, somewhat apologetic voice-over of Werner Herzog periodically interrupts the barrage of expletives and insults, providing an almost hypnotic quality to the proceedings. I relieve a lot of tension in my lower back this way:

In the second video, Kinski blows up at a reporter who questions why the actor would be a good choice to perform a one-man-show based on Jesus. Starting out mellow to the sound of church bells and slowly building to an orgasmic crescendo of insults, this is a great audio accompaniment to light cardio or perhaps some tantric sex:

The third video, Kinski merely tosses a monkey after announcing his intention to rule the world:

I hope you’ve found this little introduction to the fabulousness that is Klaus Kinski having a meltdown helpful. And remember: