What Upcoming Fox Movies Did Disney Just Kill?

Sorry, that reboot of “League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen” is off the table for now!

As we’ve just seen in the case of AT&T and DC Comics, mega-corporations as of late are slashing any projects from their recently acquired entertainment companies that aren’t sure-bet high-yield properties. Such is now the case with Disney’s acquisition of Fox.

Per Variety:

Disney is also axing the majority of the existing Fox film development slate and refocusing output, after the studio posted a $170 million operating loss in Disney’s fiscal third quarter.

What movies are on the chopping block? They include:

  • Assassins Creed 2
  • Charlie Chan (because God knows in our contemporary political climate we needed a fucking Charlie Chan movie)
  • Chronicle 2
  • Flash Gordon (written by Taika Waititi)
    Hitman 2
    Magic: The Gathering
    McClane (“Die Hard” origin story)
    Mega Man (yes, that Mega Man)
    Play-Doh (I shit you not)
    The Argonauts (yes, those Argonauts)
    The Boogeyman (Stephen King)
    The City That Sailed (Isaac Asimov)
    The End Of Eternity (Isaac Asimov)
    The Heat 2 (Paul Feig)
    The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    The Pink Panther (animated by the Simpsons team)
    The Return Of The Killer Klowns From Outer Space In 3D (yes, those Killer Klowns)
    The Sims
    Toymaggedon (reboot of “Small Soldiers,” because certainly they were breaking down the doors for THAT.)
    Untitled “Sandlot” Prequel

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’m not super misty-eyed that the majority of these flicks aren’t being made. A lot of this stuff sounded like really bad movies from the mid-1990s.

This list also doesn’t mean that other Fox films listed as being in Pre-production, such as Bob’s Burgers, the “Garfield” reboot, and the Fear Street sequels, are absolutely safe.

But at least it is very likely you will still have the “Avatar” franchise go on: