The One With The Official ”Friends” Lego Set


We may not have a Friends revival yet…but by gum we’re absolutely gonna have an official Lego playset with the gang!

Just in time for the cult show’s 25th anniversary, Lego will be offering a “Central Perk” set featuring not only your six fave TV characters of all time…but Gunther as well!

The playset is a reasonably accurate (as far as little plastic bricks go) depiction of the Central Perk coffee shop set from the show, and includes 7 minifigs. Now you can have Ross’ hangdog face mingle with your Star Wars and Marvel minifigs and accuse them of sandwich theft!

Check out the pics below for a look at all the amazing details of the set, which hits stores Sept. 1 for a very reasonable (as far as Lego sets go, those fuckers can cost 100s) 59.95. My brother-in-law likes to buy these playsets for my nephew as soon as they come out…I’m sure the kid will have MANY questions about this particular one!