“13 Reasons Why” To Retroactively “Delete” Suicide Scene

Netflix has decided to edit out/”delete” the controversial suicide scene from the series 13 Reasons Why…two years after it first aired.

Now, before I give my opinion on this breaking development, let me state for the record that I’ve watched ALL of 13 Seasons Why, Season One and am indeed familiar with said scene.

On one hand…even when this series came out, I had concerns about Hannah’s graphic suicide scene. 13 Reasons Why was “purposely” made (it seemed to me) to be one of the most “triggering” shows of all time for teenagers–an emotional Grand Guignol with an actual bathtub full of blood at the end.

Add to that the fact that one could theoretically “binge” this entire highly depressing series within 13 hours (I did two large chunks, and then took a few days to see the last ep)…yeah, I agreed that it could be a suicide risk for some troubled teens (or just troubled anybodys).

That said…I think the time to have edited out Hannah’s suicide was close to when the show premiered…not two years later. Netflix chose to keep the scene in at the time, despite the outrage. Fine. But now, after a second season of the show…it feels “too late.” The episode is what it is. One could almost say it’s “art” at this point. Or a “document”/artifact.

The fact is…everything in 13 Reasons Why hinges on that graphically violent moment. It’s like the original movie Carrie (we won’t speak of the remakes)–there’s drama in over 2/3rds of Carrie, but no gore…and then you have that ending. That’s powerful stuff. But there wasn’t 13 hours of Carrie for a teenager to take in at one sitting.

One the other hand (and now I apparently have three hands)…if getting rid of the scene lessens the possibility of somebody getting inspired to kill themselves…