Non-Review: DCeased #1

take a bite out of crime-fighters

Ok, so:

Back when I worked as an assistant editor at DC Comics—quite possibly before some of you readers were toilet-trained—there was a certain type of mini-series at the publisher.

This was a mini-series that had been commissioned a long time ago based on a really high-concept…but then languished in purchased script form or even half-finished art for YEARS.

And so what happened was that Dan Didio came on board around 2002-2003, and then learned that this metric shit-ton of mini-series and other special projects were languishing in file-cabinets and flat-files for years and years and years. And he flipped his shit. And so we had this short window of time to get these motherfuckers finished and out the door. These projects included JLA: Scary Monsters, JLA/Spectre Soul War, and JLA: Kid Amazo.


Yeah. Exactly. Kinda a shit-show. I think in the Spectre one, I had to flag EVERY Green Lantern appearance for the inker, so they could de facto draw the current Jim Lee costume on him. THAT’S how old it was!!!

So…when I looked at DCeased #1—ostensibly, the DC version of Marvel Zombies—that’s EXACTLY the first thing I thought of!

It’s got the high concept—Marvel Zombies, but a DC version—and the multiple artists shoehorned in at the last minute to finish the damn thing. I loved writer Tom Taylor in Rose and Thorn (2012), so this is not a referendum on his writing talent.

It’s just…I’m sure this will make requisite amount of dollars based on the high-concept alone, and then add all the pretty variant covers. I “get” the current direct market.



I mean, it is what it is. It’s a bunch of DC characters getting some zombie-type virus from Darkseidville. There’s a whole gory thing about Cyborg having his tongue ripped out WHY?!

It is what it is, folks. I’m not going to criticize something that is what it is.


Here’s my official pull-quote for “DCeased”—”it is what it is.”

You’re welcome!