The Joker Script Supposedly Leaked, And People Are Pooping On It (Also, It Might Not Actually Be The Most Current Script)

the Joker is *not* impressed with your leaking shenanigans

Preface #1: I am really looking forward to the Joker movie.

Preface #2: The info we’re getting here re: Joker script is *really* sketchy.

That said, apparently *some* draft of the upcoming Joker movie script has leaked. Maybe.

Reddit has gathered a bunch of links to peeps who have supposedly read said script and, in the words of Triumph the Insult Dog, are using it to POOP on.

Tommy Wiseau chortles mightily at Todd Phillips

Per Pulp & Popcorn’s Drew McWeeny:

Just finished the JOKER script and if you’re considering leaving this hellsite, right before that starts screening for the public would be an excellent time to do so.

Per Chris Evangelista of SlashFilm:

It’s…got problems

Per Thomas Polito from Geeks WorldWide:

Just read the script for a very high profile movie coming out later this year…all I can say is that there’s a lot of good stuff and a lot of bad stuff (vague, I know). I’m hoping the performances and direction can carry the movie, because I’m not sure the script alone can.

Needless to say, none of these gentlemen will be receiving the Warner Bros. Batman Swag Bag this year!

Florida Joker™ is disappointed in all you geeks!

McWeeny’s further criticisms of the alleged script hint at problematic content:

The good news is that every unfuckable chud who thinks Tyler Durden is the hero of FIGHT CLUB and that Tucker Max was hilarious should start figuring out where they’re getting that new tattoo.

I’ve read a *little* bit of the alleged script details that might have led some people to make these conclusions…but they are highly controversial & may not even be accurate. Also: even if those problematic aspects are still in the final film (and what I heard is that there were substantial rewrites before the final version)…those are still spoilers. They don’t necessarily “ruin” the film. Which is to say…you can still have wrongheaded fucked-up plot points (Batman v Superman’s jar of pee, for instance) and have an impactful (if nothing else) film. Batman v Superman was impactful…it did have resonance. It just…wasn’t *great* is all.

Joker Jared Leto guffaws at the chaos from behind his pyramid of dead rats

This is all to say…if this movie sucks, it’s going to break my fucking heart. However, I liked and appreciated Venom so my bar is set somewhat lower than limbo regulation height.

Lastly, as one Redditor pointed out:

This is the same Drew McWeeny who said he heard Jesse Eisenberg was great in Batman v Superman.

So who the FUCK knows?