The Full-Length “Midsommar” Trailer Demonstrates Why It Will Be Our Fave Feel-Bad Movie Of The Season

congrats! you’re fucked!

I’ll admit that when the teaser for Ari Aster’s upcoming movie, Midsommar, dropped, I was a little confused. Would it be able to top last year’s feel-bad horror masterpiece Hereditary? Or was it more of a “tonal” piece set in the Swedish countryside…perhaps even a Wicker Man lite?

But now we have the full official Midsommar trailer and it has all the hallmarks of a classic Ari Aster flick:

  1. Female with a free-floating devastating sense of anhedonia foreshadowing hideous existential doom: check!
  2. Female’s partner is a clueless lunkhead who has no idea the mess of shit he is about to step into in the name of saving his relationship: check!
  3. Obsessed manically smiling cultists presaging a finale filled with at least several types of dismemberment: check!

Folks, I present to you: Midsommar!
(And if you absolutely can’t wait for it, be sure to check out one of Aster’s early short films, The Strange Thing About The Johnsons.)
(And if you still absolutely can’t wait for it, just go watch The Ritual on Netflix!)

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