Stan Lee’s Ex-Manager Charged With Elder Abuse


In what might be seen as a long time coming, an arrest warrant has been issued by the LAPD for Keya Morgan, comic legend Stan Lee’s ex-manager. Morgan is being charged with five counts of elder abuse—including fraud, forgery, and false imprisonment.

Stan Lee’s last year of life was unfortunately filled with a constant array of creepy hangers-on and drama—a good portion of it seemingly revolving over his manager Morgan, who is accused of isolating the nonagenarian from his family and friends.

Lee requested and received a restraining order against Morgan just months before his passing in November 2018, claiming that his ex-manager mishandled five million of his funds and inflicted upon him “severe physical and emotional injuries.” A few months before that, Morgan was arrested on suspicion of filing a false police report—stemming from an incident in which he claimed “gunmen” confronted his client at the 95-year-old’s home.

Morgan’s attorneys say that he presently cannot be located—but according to his Twitter he is apparently working on a documentary proving Michael Jackson’s innocence, which sounds about right. He also tweeted a Dalai Lama quote. He was also friends with Donald Trump Jr. at one point. He’s basically the “gift” that keeps on giving, per TMZ-land.