Life On Mars #1: Total, Total, Total Providence!


…because “Hey, It’s Val” is apparently taken.

I wanted to do a column for this site similar to the “journal” ones I do for Butterfly Language, only without all the talk of shadowy multi-national conspiracies, Aleister Crowley, and the Singularity. However, with rumors that Netflix cancels most of their original programming after Season Three to avoid paying out royalties, we might still get some of those conspiracies yet.

But lets’s face it: Santa Clarita Diet was sorta doomed because the title makes it sound like a television show for middle-aged women. Never mind that the star of the show is a middle-aged woman…there are more skillful ways to hide that, like putting the word “Ant-Man” first in the title. (By the way, I’m allowed to crack jokes about all this because I am apparently a middle-aged woman. Oh dear, now I’ve “Santa Clarita Dieted” myself!)


OK, let’s switch the subject to something lighter, like suicide.


OK, I’m allowed to crack jokes about suicide because, as in the apparent middle-aged woman example, I’ve contemplated suicide in the past. It’s not a big secret. And that’s why I’m on the Happy Pills. Actually, I really wish these were “Happy Pills.” They’re more like…”enh” pills. They just make my “lows” a little less low. Not very dramatic…but, sort of necessary. If you have ever thought of taking your own life, I’d suggest you look into them. There is my little PSA for the day.

This topic is fresh on my mind this morning because I woke up to find out that apparently Milestone Comics co-founder & co-creator of Static Shock, Michael Davis, committed suicide.

Only…he didn’t commit suicide. Somebody hacked into his Facebook, claimed to be his cousin, and announced that he did. Since Davis, by his own frank admission in his columns, does have depression…people just readily assumed he did take his own life.

But he didn’t. Take his own life. He’s very much alive.

That didn’t stop his obit from trending on Twitter though:


Not quite as high as John Singleton, but better than #WhenIThinkOfAPotato. That’s pretty good.


Can you be both pretty and funny? What if you’re not funny?

The whole Michael Davis thing did make me contemplate the topic of depression, however. What are our individual coping skills? Mine is humor…sort of this unholy mix of Hunter S. Thompson and Pee Wee Herman, with kinda a “chick” gloss as like the social lubricant for the entire enterprise.

But it’s humor. It’s about playing the Fool & playing the Crank, and then switching it up at random just to fuck with somebody or defuse a Situation.

It’s about Providence. Total Providence.

But how does this all relate to Entertainment…the theoretical topic of this website?

Well shit…if you are in the Entertainment industry, it might make you a little bit depressed sometimes. And/or: you are a Creative Person, and you might have a propensity for depression.

What are the coping mechanisms? As I said: for me, it’s humor. Wasn’t always thus. It’s something, like the weirdly long second toe on my right foot, that I’ve grown into. Actually, I feel I’ve grown into my entire Self over the last several years. I guess that’s positive.

I talk about it a little bit in this video below. It’s a theoretical life-coaching vid, just in case my latest foray into “geek” blogging goes the way of the clarinet when I was eleven and Pogs. Enjoy, and I’ll speak to you soon!