Oh Wow, The Woman From “The Nun” Is That Scary Monster From “Mulholland Drive”


See, I knew she looked familiar!


Remember that scene in Mulholland Drive in the diner where the nervous H.P. Lovecraft-looking dude is telling his friend about his “awful dream?” And the friend is like, “let’s go outside to the back of the diner to confront your fears because of course there isn’t anything to worry about?” And then they go there and this scary monster-type person just pops out of nowhere and you crap your pants?

That’s Bonnie Aarons—the same woman who played Valak the evil nun in The Conjuring 2 and now has her own spinoff movie called (appropriately enough) The Nun.


Bloody Disgusting goes through her almost 25-year-long movie career, which started playing a prostitute in 1994’s Exit To Eden. She was brought to the attention of David Lynch, who sought out her interesting looks for Mulholland Drive—and also James Wan for the Conjuring movie franchise.

And to think Aarons was told in acting school that she’d never get parts because of her “look!”

By the way, if you’ve never seen Mulholland Drive and you do eventually see that diner scene—I’ll guarantee you it’ll make you crap your pants. It’s not just the scary makeup Aarons is wearing—it’s the clever use of sound on the part of Lynch. He places the sound in such a way that you are never quite “prepared” for Aarons’ entrance. Even upon multiple viewings, I’m never prepared and that “depth-charge” goes off in my stomach.

Here, let’s try it without the sound: