Jim Carrey Posts Cartoon Of Calvin Peeing On Donald Trump’s Grave


Ah, a “meme” of my youth, to be found on the backs of cars across the country. Calvin from the comic “Calvin and Hobbes” peeing while looking over his shoulder at the viewer evilly.

Comedian/cartoonist Jim Carrey has just tweeted an image using this old-school meme in which Calvin pees on Donald Trump’s grave.



Accompanying the cartoon is the pun “Oh how I urine for this all to be over!”

Carrey has been a prolific cartoonist as of late, regularly commenting on various political scandals, mainly those of Prez #45 & associates. This has made the comedian somewhat of a persona non grata in alt-right circles—unless he does something like speak out against vaccines or hang out with David Icke or publish a cartoon of a Democrat without a penis, in which case said alt-right circles get somewhat confused and have to check their manual.

Anyway, there you have it: Carrey’s latest. Resurrecting a legendary meme from a time before memes were “cool.”


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