Dumbo Trailer Reaction


It’s a Batman Returns reunion, folks, as both Michael Keaton AND Danny DeVito star in Tim Burton’s Dumbo. It’s the 3rd Burton “Batman” film we never got…sort of.

And then you have Colin Farrell as Bullseye—no?

Anyway, this trailer is a prime example of “Disneyfied Tim Burton.” It has little touches of dark whimsy—the slow eerie etherial rendering of “Hush Baby,” everything sort of in slow-motion operating under a permanently overcast sky. But, crucially, it never gets too dark.

You can still make Happy Meal toys out of this movie. Which, of course, was the whole problem with Batman Returns.

This is not bashing the trailer or saying it doesn’t have its moments of genuine wonder and “awwwwww.” It does…but it doesn’t feel entirely “organic.” It feels, instead, a bit “strategic.” There is a formula out there in Disneyville for making the “perfect” live-action adaptations of their classic cartoons, and they’ve nailed it. What more can I say about it? The executives are doing their job, what they get paid to do.

That all said: exactly how many movies has Danny DeVito played a circus ringleader in? It feels like loads.

Here’s the trailer: