And So I’m Guessing There’s No Ben Affleck Batman Anymore Right?


And so our long national nightmare may have ended…unless you felt that Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne was the best thing in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which I understand (he at least had more personality than Henry Cavil’s Superman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, and of course that crucial glass of pee).

That said: I’m guessing there’s no more Ben Affleck Batman in the works, based on this Deadline article on Geoff Johns stepping down as DC President & Chief Creative Officer—which has this interesting tidbit:

…with Matt Reeves rebooting Batman for a new standalone franchise, likely with a new actor to play the Caped Crusader after Ben Affleck’s stints in Batman V Superman and Justice League.

So that’s not a 100% definite nay on the Affleck, but I have to imagine that the Snyderverse is pretty done well over. Justice League flopped, the Synderverse Superman/Batman films never really did set the world on fire, and in many ways the Johns era was the Zack Snyder era (I mean…they did overlap one another, at least).


This leaves Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie, which is being described as a “reboot” with a much younger Bruce Wayne.

This also leaves a not-so-cohesive DC Cinematic Universe, as we still have the successful Wonder Woman movies spawned from the Snyderverse, as well as Aquaman coming up. A Shazam! movie drops next Spring (and who the heck knows where that will fit in), as well as possibly TWO Joker movies (a solo one with Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto and the darker “origin story” most likely starring Joaquin Phoenix).

Which kind of feels like…not really that much a DC Cinematic Universe at all. But as the mighty Star Wars franchise stutters (and Solo sorta-bombing)…maybe these connected universes aren’t really the “thing” right now. Unless you really do them right. Which…didn’t happen with the Snyderverse.

Anyway…time to fire up this old chestnut again: