No, There’s Not Going To Be A Back To The Future Sequel Ever Ever Ever (Ever)


Recently, the Internet told be that Michael J. Fox announced a long-awaited new movie in the Back To The Future franchise.

But…the Internet lied to me, man. It LIED.


It all started a couple of days ago when supposedly Fox, who of course starred as Marty McFly in the franchise, posted the following announcement on his Facebook page:


This was *super* exciting. But it was a LIE.


Because that was a *fake* Michael J. Fox account.

But more than that: original Back To The Future series director Robert Zemeckis has previously stated, in response to the question as to whether he’d ever start the series again:

“Oh God, no”

Though he did admit that the studios might try to do something if he and screenwriter Bob Gale were both “dead.” And even then, in that rather dire scenario, he suggested that their estates might be able to stop it.

That said…giving my two cents on it…knowing Hollywood


They’ll probably eventually reboot/sequel it.

I simply can’t believe they won’t. Too much of an easy money grab for all involved, even if it’s a bit down the line. So. Two cents.