Geoff Johns To Leave As DC Entertainment President


And so ends an era. Wait, let me find that Office gif…


Warner Bros. announced today that Geoff Johns will be stepping down as president and chief creative officer of DC Entertainment. But, true to DC form, very few men ever really *leave* DC…they just get “shuffled” around.

In an “exclusive” with The Hollywood Reporter, Johns’ departure was spun as him leaving for an exclusive writer-producer deal with Warner Bros. and DC—basically, having a better vantage-point to scratch his creative “itch.” But The Wrap hinted, via their own source, that there is a bigger shake-up going on in Warners per the DC properties.

Indeed, this news comes shortly after the announcement that Diane Nelson, DC Entertainment consumer products group president, has also stepped down.

Can any of this have to do with the poor showing of the misfortune-laden Justice League movie last year, and pretty much the slash-and-burn of their entire movie franchise outside of Wonder Woman?

Well, don’t worry Johns fans: THR has also reported that Johns is attached to a new Green Lantern movie, this one featuring the characters Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

This all leaves Jim Lee, current DC publisher, as Chief Creative Officer. And everybody sort of likes Lee, so,