Did Hate For The New Thundercats Cartoon Prompt This CalArts Shooting Threat?


Last week, famed university California Institute of the Arts—better known as CalArts—received a shooting threat over Twitter, prompting the school to briefly close its campus.

The tweet, featuring a crudely drawn cartoon face with bullet holes all over it, read: “Some of You Guys are Alright, Don’t go to CalArts Tomorrow.”

The Daily Dot then extrapolates that perhaps this threat was linked to the animation style CalArts is currently linked to: a sort of cartoony, Steven Universe-type rendering that will also be used in the new Thundercats reboot.


Now: a close look at the drawing in the tweet does show a Cartoon Network logo. If you add in the ongoing controversy over the new Thundercats by hardcore fans…

Yikes, is any of this hardcore geekfan stuff fun anymore, folks? The Star Wars Kelly Marie Tran thing, this thing, Rick & Morty secret sauce packets…




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