9-Year-Old In Rehab For Playing Fortnite


I can’t say this is the first time I’ve heard of a gamer so obsessed that he or she had relieved themselves where they sat. There is some story of a pro strategically wearing adult diapers for a long campaign floating in my mind somewhere, though perhaps it was an urban legend.

Nevertheless, the fine folks at the Mirror tell the sorry tale of a 9-year-old girl who was apparently “addicted” to playing Fortnite on her Xbox One to the point where she wet herself on the cushions of family couch rather than having her game play interrupted.

She also allegedly hit her father in the face when her Xbox was confiscated.

And so the unnamed girl’s parents had to send her to “rehab” in order to break the hold Fortnite had on her. Addictions counselor Steve Pope is quoted regarding what he sees as an epidemic of children “hooked” on Fortnite:

“Over the last two months I’ve been ­contacted by dozens of parents with children as young as eight showing signs of addiction to Fortnite. I’ve been working in this field for three decades and never seen anything like it, how widespread and potentially damaging this is. I know bright kids who will fail their exams this summer because of Fortnite, kids who are stealing from their parents and friends to pay for the extras, kids who urinate in bottles because they can’t bear to leave the game.”

While I don’t necessarily doubt the plausibility of this story, I find that the style in which it is written in the tabloid Mirror has that paranoid “videogames/D&D/etc. are corrupting our youth!” type-vibe.

Go ahead, take the details of that story and make a Jack Chick-type comic out of it!