The One With The Belgian Killer Clown And His Yodeling Lederhosen-Clad Accomplice


What is it…about being a clown that attracts complete psychopaths?

And in the case of Belgian Kevin Leipere, 31, we’re not even talking about some rando who decided to toss on the face-paint and red nose for momentary kicks—but an established, professional clown who made a living visiting sick kids in hospitals and was voted “best clown” Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg because of his “indelible impression on the audience.”

Kevin Leipere, a.k.a. “Clown Tobi”

Leipere is now accused of cold-bloodedly murdering his ex-girlfriend in front of the woman’s kids, with the help of who is being described as his “protege”—38-year-old professional yodeler Dietwin Haegheman.

So allegedly, like something out of the first Scream movie (spoilers), Leipere somehow convinced Haegheman to help him carry out this heinous act (and, one would assume, totally deep-six his burgeoning yodeling career).

Leipere’s alleged accomplice, Dietwin Haegheman—a.k.a. “Dietwin The Yodeller”

And it just blows my mind because we’re sort of talking about what at first glance seems like harmless minor—even, quite goofy—celebrities, who on the spur of the moment seem to carry out this Leopold and Loeb-type grisly crime. And not even with the intention of getting away with it, because they allegedly called the police and confessed.

Leipere’s motivation seems to be a man scorned—his girlfriend broke up with him because her kids didn’t like him (as in the case of It—the children can usually pick up on these things). So he got “revenge” on all of them by killing the mother in front of the kids.


But what was Haegheman’s motivation? Why would he throw away his life like that? What shared delusion did these two men have?

It’s this…seemingly not-so-wide chasm between the banally amicable and the homicidal. Formerly just the realm of horror movies, but now a staple of everyday existence…in the Twilight Zone.

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