Trailer Carnival: Bohemian Rhapsody, BlacKkKlansman, Escape Plan 2, Mile 22, Stillborn, The House That Jack Built


First we have the long-awaited trailer for the somewhat embattled Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. I don’t think Rami Malek is an absolute dead-ringer for Freddie Mercury, but he does seem to greatly embody the energy of the late singer and sort of makes the role his own. Which is why I’d suggest two viewings of the trailer—the first for “he isn’t a dead ringer for Mercury” and the second for “but he makes the role his own.”



Next we have Spike Lee’s latest (with Jordan Peele producing), BlacKkKlansman, about two police officers in the 1970s, one black (John David Washington) and one white (Adam Driver), who team up undercover to take down the Klan. This is a pretty damn enjoyable trailer, with Topher Grace as KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, to boot.



I’m not familiar with the first movie, but the trailer for Escape Plan 2 leaves me with the question: what type of film is this??? Straight-up action? Science-fiction? A martial arts competition like Enter The Dragon? A prison flick? A gangster movie? A Fast And The Furious-type movie? A cyberpunk movie?

Possible answers: a) All of the above, b) A Sylvester Stallone movie, c) It probably doesn’t matter.



And, uh…here’s another Mark Wahlberg film. Something about “there are too many snowflakes in their safe spaces” and then boom an explosion with Wahlberg slowly strutting away from it. His hair is perfect, Malkovich picks up his paycheck, everyone’s happy.



What we learn from this trailer for Stillborn is that if your therapist is Michael Ironsides, you are FUCKED.



And let’s end this trailer carnival with the sure-to-be feel-good hit of 2018—fresh from its stunning debut at Cannes—Lars von Trier’s The House That Jack Built (NSFW trailer):